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""Mike Lasala was a pleasure to work with.  Professional, courteous and talented!  His songs were original, thought provoking, and most of all entertaining.  Mike Lasala is a true professional and showman!" Adam Frank, UCONN Graduate Assistant, Department of Student Activities, Programs Office, 9/4/07

"Eleven acoustic-based tunes that reside happily on the corner of Rock and Folk streets.  Simple and well written with a smoky vocal coating...Lasala also gets to show off his lead guitar chops which ain't nothing to shrug off" -
Craig Gilbert, New Haven Advocate, 12/7/06

"...a voice very similar to Scott Weiland or a later-day Springsteen...With deep confessionals, story songs, and just plain catchy words and melodies, This Strange Place, is a cut above his 2003 debut Somewhere to Be." -
Patrick Ferrucci, Register Entertainment Editor, PLAY Magazine, 12/6/06

"Mike captured the laid-back, yet energetic spirit of our event with great vocals, rhythmic precision on the guitar and a fantastic personality!  Our audiences were clearly enjoying themselves, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better!"  -
Bry & Kelly, UCONN Graduate Assistants, Dept. of Student Activities,, 8/22/05

"From timid and tender to soulful and charismatic, the vocal work on ‘Somewhere to Be’ is reminiscent of all that is great in acoustic rock."
Peter Terebesi, CT Music Online, 2/7/04

"I spun your song  "Somewhere to Be" last night  on our live show here on Radio X  and LG73...your music is top notch." -
Charles, DJ, Live X Radio, 11/23/03

"Congratulations on the success of your disc, and thanks for having the release party here, it was one of the most successful shows (by all accounts) we've ever had." -
Nathan Wrann, Proprietor, Elm City Java, 11/12/03

"Mike Lasala has written the 12 songs that have been missing from the radio. This CD is full of music that you can feel. "Somewhere To Be" needs to be heard. Purchase this CD." - Marc Douglas Berardo, Hayloft Records Recording Artist, 11/3/03

" Lasala's sound and vibe (on "Somewhere to Be") are more rock than "Taylor made." In fact, I can hear an almost unplugged Stone Temple Pilots sound in the melodies and gruff vocal tone on this 12-track CD. Accompaniment hangs back just enough to support and not overwhelm. Good mix. Working harmonies. A slight groove peeks out on the title track, "Perfect Smiles" and "Victoria's Song," while that groove busts out on "Man Of The Road." Something not at all bad and a little bit different".- Craig Gilbert, New Haven Advocate, 10/16/03

"What is the best original, new local song you heard in the last year? I would say that Mike Lasala's song "George the Gifter" is my current favorite."
- Mike Franzman, New Haven Advocate, 8/29/02

"Mike Lasala really needs his own genre, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he's the catalyst for one - call it "Soul Searching." His demo CD is a nice taste that leaves you wanting more. The tracks "Everybody Else" and "George the Gifter" are both as toe tapping and enthusiastic as they are relaxed and meditative. The meditational aspect comes from Mike's laid back style and evocative lyrics. The kind of songwriting that brews up colorful imagery in the listeners head. Mike Lasala live is also a treat for folks who like intense groove without getting a slap in the face. Mike wakes you up, invites you on his journey (literally!) and makes you feel good. Eager to hear his full length CD."- Marie Cox; Big Bang Music News; cduniverse.com, 3/28/02

The combination of his gritty, powerful, but not overbearing vocals on top of his talented acoustic guitar playing makes for a pleasant, and rather soothing, listening experience...I highly recommend the song "Everybody Else" - Tom Nanos, The Stage Newspaper, 2/7/02

Hi Mike. I was thrilled to find your new CD in my mailbox today. I put it on straight-away, and I have to tell you, man, it sounds top-notch to me. That's a big-league sounding demo, and I'd be surprised if it doesn't get you some airplay. Your songs are excellent, the arrangements are quite tasty, and your voice is strong and unique. Just be prepared when your fans begin clammering for a full-length CD!  I guess that's when I'll see you back in The Hayloft Studio.  Good work, my friend." - Michael Branden, Hayloft Records, Owner 1/24/02

He literally walks into a room, plugs in his guitar, and from the moment he starts playing and singing until he finishes, he owns the joint. Plain and simple...his spirited arsenal of infectiously jazzy/funk originals got the crowd going in no time flat."
- Al Raebuck, CTmusic.com 11/28/01

If you could sign one local songwriter to a national recording contract--no pact with the devil, the artist would get complete artistic control--whom would you sign and why?  Mike Lasala.  I have only seen him a few times but he is a true talent."
- Ken Cooley, New Haven Advocate 8/23/01
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